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    Global Experts has a multidisciplinary team with experience and certifications to operate in the United States and Brazil. Our team has accountants, lawyers, managers and consultants with experience in international business. The qualifications of these professionals enables Global Experts to have a broad and complete overview of the challenges involved in international transactions, including those relating to accounting standards (US GAAP vs. IFRS-International Standards), tax, legal and market analysis.

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    Work Visa

    Work Visa for foreigners in Brazil with employment contract, this visa is applicable to situations in which a Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to engage in paid employment with an employment relationship, provided that there is no qualified Brazilian workforce. Immigration Legislation in Brazil allows the Work Visa to be applicable when the Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to engage in paid employment with employment under certain conditions:

    Marriage Visa

    A foreigner who is married to a Brazilian citizen may apply for a permanent visa or permanent residence to establish and live in Brazil. In order to apply for a permanent visa based on Marriage, it is necessary that he/she is married in fact, and legally with a brazilian spouse. Several points must be carefully observed, one of them is that if the marriage was officialized in another country, before applying for the definitive Brazilian visa, the couple must first register their marriage certificate in the Brazilian consulate of the country in which the original certificate was issued.


    Brazilian immigration law currently provides for four types of naturalization: ordinary, extraordinary, provisional and special. All of them require documentary analysis and legal procedures before granting naturalization to the foreigner. Recalling that, although the legislation establishes a minimum period of residence of four years, along with permanent visa, to grant naturalization, there are special cases of permanent visa where the term can be reduced to one year if he / she is married to a Brazilian, and has a Brazilian dependent child under certain conditions, or is a native of a Portuguese speaking country, in this case, they may request the reduction of this term, by means of the special modality.

    RNE - National Registry of Foreigners

    RNE in Brazil is the National Registry of Foreigners and it is granted to the foreigner who obtains valid visa admitted in the condition of temporary, permanent, asylum or refugee, that is obliged to register and to identify himself/herself in the Ministry of Justice, with the Federal Police, Respecting the period of thirty days following the entry into the country. With the RNE – together with its temporary or permanent visa, the foreigner gains the right to travel in all states of Brazil protected by law, to establish a fixed residence, to open a bank account and to identify himself/herself, before any authorities, Without risk of deportation. The RNE is awarded to the candidate and all dependent family members, regardless of age.