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RNE - National Registry of Foreigners

RNE in Brazil is the National Registry of Foreigners and it is granted to the foreigner who obtains valid visa admitted in the condition of temporary, permanent, asylum or refugee, that is obliged to register and to identify himself/herself in the Ministry of Justice, with the Federal Police, Respecting the period of thirty days following the entry into the country.

With the RNE – together with its temporary or permanent visa, the foreigner gains the right to travel in all states of Brazil protected by law, to establish a fixed residence, to open a bank account and to identify himself/herself, before any authorities, Without risk of deportation. The RNE is awarded to the candidate and all dependent family members, regardless of age.

Personal Visa will take care of the process, accompanying and instructing the company and the foreigner from the beginning with: the analysis of the necessary documentation, scheduling, filling of form, and control of the deadlines with the public

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