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Marriage Visa

A foreigner who is married to a Brazilian citizen may apply for a permanent visa or permanent residence to establish and live in Brazil. In order to apply for a permanent visa based on Marriage, it is necessary that he/she is married in fact, and legally with a brazilian spouse.

Several points must be carefully observed, one of them is that if the marriage was officialized in another country, before applying for the definitive Brazilian visa, the couple must first register their marriage certificate in the Brazilian consulate of the country in which the original certificate was issued.

With permanent visa, the foreigner has the right to live and work in Brazil for an indefinite period, provided that the family bond is maintained.

Personal Visa will take care of the process, accompanying and instructing the family from the beginning with: analysis of the necessary documentation, preparation of the forms of declarations, filling of forms, scheduling and the control of the deadlines with the organs of immigration for approval of the visa.